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Pleasing People

  1. Do you think you are a nice person? Do you try to please people?
  2. To what extent do you care about pleasing people?
  3. Which is more important to you, pleasing your loved ones or pleasing yourself?
  4. What is the satisfaction in pleasing people?
  5. Have you ever sacrificed your wishes to please someone else? Why/ why not?
  6. Do you care about what people say about you? Why?
  7. Would you ever say yes to a friend and cancel your own plans, just because you are afraid of upsetting him/her?


  1. Are you a patient person? Is it difficult for you? Is it important to be patient?
  2. How can you improve the quality of patience in yourself? What techniques can you think of?
  3. Are you more patient with your loved ones?
  4. When was the last time you lost your patience?
  5. Who/ what requires the most patience in your life?
  6. Do you have a lot of patience with children?
  7. Do you have a lot of patience with repairing things?
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