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  1. What is plagiarism?
  2. Have you ever copied someone's words, ideas,…without telling them or mentioning their names?
  3. How bad is plagiarism? Why?
  4. What are the punishments for plagiarism in your country? In the world?
  5. What do you know about copyright?
  6. Have you ever downloaded or copied a CD illegally? Why?
  7. How can we stop plagiarism?
  8. Does plagiarism make people less creative?



  1. What's your favorite movie? What do you like about it most (is it the story, the actors,…)?
  2. What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?
  3. What's the most romantic movie you have ever seen?
  4. What's the best comedy you have ever watched?
  5. What kind of movies do you like? Is there any kind of movies you dislike?
  6. Do you like watching movies alone or with your family/friends? Why?
  7. Do you enjoy watching movies at home or in a cinema?
  8. Do you think movies are just for entertainment or we can really learn from them?

Generation Gap

  1. How old are you? How old are your parents? Is it OK?
  2. Are your friends mostly the same age as you are, older or younger? Why?
  3. Have you experienced the moment when you say "now I understand my mum/dad"? When was it? How old were you?
  4. Do you ever disagree with your friends/ parents or sisters and brothers on music, fashion or values?
  5. How long does a generation last? What forms the ideas and values of a generation?
  6. How do you compare your generation with the previous one and the next one?
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