how many

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  1. How many close friends do you have? How long have you been friends?
  2. Do you make friends easily?
  3. How do you take care of your friendship?
  4. What's the most important quality of a good friend?
  5. What makes family and friends different? Which one is more important to you?
  6. If you have a financial problem, who do you turn to, family or friends?
  7. What do you do when there is a conflict between you and your friend?
  8. How have your friends/best friends changed your life?


  1. How many children are there in your family? Is it fine or you preferred less/more children?
  2. Do you feel comfortable around children? Do you enjoy being with them?
  3. Who's the best child you've ever seen? How would you describe him/her?
  4. What's good about being a child? What are the downsides of being a child?
  5. If you had the chance to go back to your childhood, would you choose to do so? Why? Why not?
  6. How are children different from the time you were a child?
  7. What's the most wonderful thing about children?
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