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  1. Do you enjoy living in a small or a big family? Why?
  2. Do you mostly share your problems with your family or friends? Who do you turn to in time of trouble?
  3. If you had the chance to choose each and every member of your family, would you choose the same people? If not, what would be different?
  4. What's your birth position in your family? Are you happy with it?
  5. Would you like to have a family of your own in future? Why? Why not?
  6. Do you think getting married is a must for starting a family?
  7. Are you prejudiced about your family?

Love and Marriage

  1. Do you believe in marriage?
  2. Is marriage the end of love or the beginning?
  3. How can you make a marriage a happy one?
  4. Which one outweighs the other, single life hardships and loneliness or married life difficulties?
  5. Should people stay married if they no longer love each other?
  6. How can you avoid the boredom of married life? Is having a baby a good way to overcome the boredom?
  7.  What are the most common reasons that a marriage goes wrong?
  8. What's the scariest thing about marriage?
  9. What do you think of gay marriage?


  1. What wishes do you have for your life?
  2. What wishes do you have for your family?
  3. What are your wishes for your country? Do you think they'll come true soon?
  4. Can you remember your wishes as a child/teenager? How have they changed?
  5. If you have a wish that your family doesn’t like/agree, what will you do?
  6.  Would you be happy if all your wishes came true?
  7. Do you try hard for your wishes to come true or do you just wish for them?


  1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word happiness? What is happiness for you?
  2. Are you a happy person?
  3. Do you think happiness comes from inside or it depends on other people and things?
  4. When did you last feel very happy? What happened?
  5. How do you show your happiness? Do you share it with others or keep it private?
  6. Who are happier, single people or married ones? Why?
  7. What makes you unhappy?
  8. Which country has the happiest people in the world? Which has the saddest? Why is it so?
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