final decision

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  1. Do you vote in your family? What for?
  2. Do you vote among your friends? What for?
  3. What do you think about voting? Is it a good way to make decisions about important matters? Why? Why not?
  4. Who should make the final decision in a country, all people by voting or only those who have good information about the subject?
  5. When was the fist/last time you voted for an official election? Will you vote again? Why? Why not?
  6. Do you think voting and election is important?
  7. Does being able to vote means your country is democratic?


  1. How do you describe a self-reliant person?
  2. Are you self-reliant? How about your brothers/sisters/parents? Do you need to be more self-reliant? Why?
  3. How can you teach your children to be self-reliant?
  4. Do you choose your clothes? How old were you when you first chose your clothes?
  5. Did you choose your major at high school by yourself? How about at University?
  6. What are the things you can't decide about easily? Who do you get help from? Who makes the final decision?
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