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  1. Do you enjoy playing cards? Why?
  2. Do you ever bet on something (like a football match, a basketball game...)? Why?
  3. What is in gambling that makes it addictive? Is it the money you win, the excitement or what?
  4. Is it possible that gambling is genetic (like smoking that some people believe is genetic)?
  5. Can you think of any solutions for people with gambling problems? Do they need professional help?
  6. Do you think governments are right to prohibit gambling? Isn't it better to legalize it and control it?

Freedom of speech

  1. What is freedom of speech?
  2. Is complete freedom of speech possible? If it was, would it be desirable?
  3. Who should decide on the limits of freedom? How?
  4. Are you tolerant of hearing ideas which are against yours? What's your first reaction?
  5. To what extent are you free in your family to express your ideas?
  6. Are there things you would like to talk about that you cannot? What are they?
  7. Which country has more freedom of speech?
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