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  1. Is your birthday a special day to you? How do you feel about it? Do you think you were born at a good time of the year?
  2. When was your best birthday ever? How was it?
  3. How would you celebrate your birthday ideally?
  4. What presents would you love to get?
  5. Do you enjoy surprise birthday parties or you prefer everything to be planned?
  6. What would you do if your friends/family/best friend /partner forgot your birthday?
  7. Have you ever forgotten an important birthday? What happened?


  1. What's a typical holiday for you?
  2. Which holidays do you celebrate? How? What are some of the customs and traditions?
  3. What are your favorite holidays? Why? What do you usually do during these holidays?
  4. What kind of holidays do you like? Sightseeing, cultural, relaxing,…?
  5. What did you do on your last holiday?
  6. What do you like doing on a long holiday?
  7. Describe your dream holiday?
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