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  1. Would you like to work in advertising?
  2. To what extent can advertisements change people's taste? Can you provide examples to support your idea?
  3. Do you trust advertisements?
  4. What's the best advertisement you've ever seen?
  5. What's the most shocking advertisement ever?
  6. Do you agree that advertisement for children should be banned in children's TV programs?
  7. Do you think advertizing is more of an art or a science?
  8. What products shouldn't be allowed to be advertised?

Martial Arts

  1. What are martial arts? Where is their origin?
  2. Why do we call them Arts rather than sports?
  3. Which Martial Art is the best in your opinion? Why?
  4. Have you ever done any of Martial arts? Would you like to try?
  5. Do you ever fight? Do you usually win or lose?
  6. Do you like watching Kung Fu movies?
  7. How do you compare martial arts with boxing and kick boxing?


  1. Do you paint? Does anybody in your family paint? Have you ever been interested in painting?
  2. Did you paint for your art courses at school? Were you good at painting? Do you think it's an important subject at school?
  3. Do you think painting well is a talent or it can be learnt?
  4. Who's your favorite painter? What style of painting do you like(realism, cubism, …)
  5. Do you prefer painting of landscapes, portraits,…?
  6. How many paintings have you got at your home? Can you describe them?
  7. What do you think of modern paintings?
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