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Conversation question: Advertising

  1. Would you like to work in advertising?
  2. To what extent can advertisements change people's taste? Can you provide examples to support your idea?
  3. Do you trust advertisements?
  4. What's the best advertisement you've ever seen?
  5. What's the most shocking advertisement ever?
  6. Do you agree that advertisement for children should be banned in children's TV programs?
  7. Do you think advertizing is more of an art or a science?
  8. What products shouldn't be allowed to be advertised?

There are 4 Comments

no I wouldn't like to work in advertising for sevral reasons!

firsty I think it needs some skill which can absorb client for product and I don'h have it.

secondly I have intuvert personality and it needs person with extuvert personality who can connect easly with other people and people can trust him/her

lasty I would like to have a job related to my education and it's far from my education

yes I think advertisments can change people's taste. since some advertisments have a lot of creativly and encaurage people to change previous product by their own product. if their products have quality and less price people buy from them. for example if I see an advertisment that shows an oil and says it's cheper with more quality. I will try it and change my taste depend on it's quality.  

no I don't trust them but I give the opportunity to them by try it if it's as well as I want I buy it. a lot of them try to sell their products to us but I have bad experience of buying a product from an advertisment. it's not good and I cant use it. after that I think some of them may not be honest and it's better I'll use well known products instead of advertisment's product.

the best advertisment that I have ever seen is about cream that I laughed a lot. two kids askabout cream from their mother and she says it uses for rejunevilation of skin then they ask "has it realy effect"? therir mother says yes surely. the kids go to grandfather room and see he had slept so they rub a lot of cream on his face and then ask to each other has it realy effect?

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