Life in 2050

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Picture a plan of a city in the year 2050, then write an explanation of how you imagine life will be in that city. (at least 30 words)


future cities

In 2050 there will be no traffic because we will have flying cars. Compact foods will be available and people can carry the food needed for a month in their bag. 3D holograms will be widely used and we can video conference with our friends using our super-smart phones. and finally remote surgeries will be something common.

Free high speed internet (15 G) is going to be available for every body and new versions of mobile can be inserted inside people's body (maybe hands) and they will be operated by voice.

By 2050 I think the transportation will be different, people will travel through the sky because of the population and traffic. We will have streets in the air which are floated and maybe we can even walk on them.