why not "s" for simple present?

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Hi :wave:.sir. I am fahri. I love :heart: English language but I am not very good on it
I have some questions about simple present
I finish my job.
Why not?
I finishs my job.

The students speak English on Wednesday.
Why not?
The students speaks English on Wednesday.

Simple present tense
Subject + verb I (s/ses)

Why did not follow this format?
Thanks for your answer sir

Hi there,

That structure is wrong.The basic structure for the present simple (positive sentence) is:

Subject + main verb

If the subject is he/she/it, then you should add "s" or "es" to the verb. If it's not he/she/it you don't change the verb.

  • I speak English.
  • They teach English.
  • He speaks English.
  • She teaches English.