103: Depression

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Questions about the Video File:

  1. What is so confusing about depression?
  2. Discuss some of the most important symptoms of depression.
  3. How are ordinary depression and clinical depression different from each other?
  4. What are the two physical manifestations of depression?
  5. Discuss some of the treatments for depression.

Please answer the following question:

  • If you are diagnosed with depression, how would you try to deal with it?

General Questions:

  1. How can you tell if you are depressed?
  2. What can you do to reduce the risk of developing clinical depression?
  3. How do you treat a depressed person if he/she is really close to you (spouse, family member, intimate friend, etc.)?
  4. What could happen if you do not do anything about your depression?
  5. What is the major cause of depression nowadays?

Idioms, Proverbs and Expressions:

  • Down in the mouth: Unhappy and depressed
    • What’s wrong? You look down in the mouth!
  • Feel blue: Feel hopeless and sad
    • Cloudy weather makes me feel blue.
  • Down in the dumps: Feeling miserable and unhappy
    • For quite a long time after getting a divorce, Julian was feeling down in the dumps.
  • Have a face like a wet weekend: Feel very sad and miserable
    • Having failed to pass the entrance exam, Robert was having a face like a wet weekend for nearly a month.
  • Your heart sinks: You feel down and unhappy
    • The poor patient’s heart actually sank when he realized that his surgical operation was a failure.

Words and Phrases:

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This question reminded me a sentence from The book I’m OK you’re OK that “we promise according to our hopes and preform according to our fears.” I think these fears cause depression. Depression is a serious mood disorder that effects on our though, feeling and activates, Hence we should eliminate it to move on. If I am diagnosed with depression the first and easiest way could be getting along with depression and get into my comfort zone to experiences low stress but I have to face the unpleasant consequences such as loneliness, loss, physical and mental diseases, etc. the second way is, breaking out the boundary of comfort zone and getting out of it that this way is painful at first but leads forward happiness and prosperity. I would talk to a confidant and trusted friend or counselor about my feeling and go back to the drawing board. 

if i am diognoided as a depressed person the first thing that i do is to get help and find a way to find out the main reasons of it.then i ll do my best to get ride of them or solve the problems.i ll change my lifestyle and i ll take new hobbies.generally i change or omit the depressful situation.

I think its not a big deal cause all of the people get despond in their life but in myself i like to talk to my best friend and talk to someone that cant help go to get ahead,like doctor.....or maybe my sister

In very day life, it is very common to be depressed even without any specific reasons. In such situations people usually know how to reduce its bad effects based on their familiarity with themselves. When it happens to me, first of all I resort to the psychological books. These books have some insightful and beneficial ideas which really help me to refresh my mind. Spending our times with some humorist friends and watching some useful movies are very helpful too. However if such feelings continue for a longer period of time, at first I get help from a psychologist to see if it is a depression or just a minor one. In a serious situation I try to use the psychological suggestions to overcome the dilemma.

everyday life (everyday is an adjective)
its bad effects --> the bad effects of depression (it's better to repeat the key word
resort to psychological books (omit THE)
humorist is a noun, so: friends who are humorists
if it is a depression (omit A)
or just a minor one: What do you mean by ONE?


That's a good question. Knowing If we have depression or only just depressed is very difficult when we have a lot of situations in our life that make us sad. If I'm diagnosed to have depression first of all I try to accept I have it and it is'nt embaressing it is just a disease after that I try to know all it's symptoms and when they more appear in my case. Then I will make all of my effort to know what situations exacerbate it to avoide.

I will make all of these stages to make my disease under control of myself for being capable to have a normal life and progress like other people. It's my right to be successful.

1. Or we are depressed (first line)
2. embarrassing
3. Use punctuations more frequently.
4. it's symptoms --> its ...
5. avoid
6. It's better to say (efforts)
7. Take these stages
8. Capable of doing sth

First of all, I would try to consult with my intimate friends or my own family, chances are that some of them experienced this kind issue in the past, so I can take full advantage of their experiences, they can even suggest me something useful that can really help me to overcome my depression, then I would make a list about recent events with bitter ends in my life, for instance, losing a long life friend, losing a fortune or huge amount of money, even my life-style etc. I would not forget that I can count on my family members, so I would turn to them to be with me shoulder to shoulder and support me, I would ask their advice. In this case, we must pick the brain of someone who knows a lot about the thing we face up to something as depression, so meeting a psychologist could be vital, he/she can make clear how much the depression is severe and show you how to get over it.

the question is:

* How can you recognize people who are not apparently depressed, but in fact they are suffering from a severe depression inside and hide it from others! 

I have been depressed so many times , but I don't know if it counts or not (if those were some ordinary depression or real clinical depression).For me , getting out from the situation was too hard in some cases.Some times it took me 2,3 days to get over this depression thing.I have a secret remedy for myself,"don't think of anything and look the world from above". With this formula, I'm able to overcome lots of sadnesses and depressions


i think i'm Depressionsad

According to this video

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