99: Insomnia

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Idioms, Proverbs and Expressions:

  1. Forty winks: A nap
    1. My brain worked better after I took forty winks.
  2. In the arms of Morpheus: Asleep or sleeping
    1. Jack was completely in the arms of Morpheus when the teacher called on him.
  3. Let sleeping dogs lie: To deliberately avoid arousing any source of trouble
    1. Let’s not inform Betty about our new project as she is a troublemaker. It’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.
  4. Play possum: To pretend to be asleep or dead so that others won’t hurt you
    1. When the violent bear accosted the defenseless hunter, he had been playing possum.
  5. Sleep on it: To postpone a decision to a later time in future so that you can think more deeply about it
    1. I cannot answer you immediately. I need to sleep on it.
  6. Catch/get some Z’s: To be asleep
    1. I was catching some Z’s, suddenly, I was awakened by police sirens.
  7. Put somebody to sleep: To euthanize – To put somebody out of their misery and kill them
    1. There was no remedy for his incurable and excruciating disease. So the doctors decided to put him to sleep.

Words and Phrases:

  1. Siesta: A short nap in the afternoon
  2. Sleep apnea: Breathing disorders while sleeping
  3. Sleep deprivation: Being in debt of sleep
  4. Sleep attack: To feel sleepy all of a sudden
  5. Drowsy: Sleepy

Quotations and Ideas:

  1. Insomnia causes a less accurate sense of reality.
  2. Your brain is like a sleeping giant. (Tony Buzan)
  3. Sometimes one extra hour of sleep per night can change your entire life. (Brian Tracy)
  4. Your mind is anchored in the last thought when you were awake. So it is important for you to have positive thinking before falling asleep. (Hossein Hariri)  


  1. What techniques can help you to manage your insomnia?
  2. What symptoms does insomnia have?
  3. What are some of the most important causes of insomnia?  
  4. Do you think we are more insomniac in comparison to our ancestors? Why?
  5. What might happen if we do not do anything about our insomnia?

Questions about the Video File:

  1. What is insomnia?
  2. How is it different from ordinary sleep problems?
  3. Discuss some of the symptoms of insomnia.
  4. Are men and women equally susceptible to insomnia?
  5. What might cause insomnia?
  6. How is insomnia diagnosed?
  7. Why is medication not the best treatment for insomnia?
  8. Why is it difficult to treat insomnia?
  9. How can cognitive behavioral sleep therapy positively influence insomnia-related problems?

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-Have you ever taken any non-chemical methods such as herbal therapy,enrtgy therapy, spiritual healing and suchlike to get rid of ansomnia?




I should thank you dear Fateme for being so active.

As you said, chemical medication is not the ideal solution to insomnia, as any pill does have a side effect.

Spirituality, faithfulness, meditation, yoga, taking a warm shower, music, and many other techniques can help us to control our sleeplessness.


But in the world and even in Iran there are people who have not been able to sleep for months and perhaps years.

Unfortunately may be none of the chemical and non-chemical methods have not been effective in improving it, even solutions that Mr. Hariri said.

There is for anything the exception in the world.

Sometimes, there is no choice, except surrender.

I entirly disagree with the last part of your comment. There is no doubt about surrendering to God but to phenomenona those are apprehensible and touchable definitely there is way to deal with. Let's be optimistic and hopeful to the power of mankind's mind. As stephan Hawking said: while there is life there is hope.

I mean was something else.

I told that it is possible none of the solutions, doesn't work in sometimes.

I didn't say that our hope to God must be stops.

Every pain has a treat.

Even If not treated, there is a miracle.

If God gives pain so give healing also.

Even if there is no solution for the treatment we have God and none problem isn't bigger than God.

Pain is a way of God test methods. Pain is one of ways for decrease blames.

I suffer from the insomnia whenever my mind becomes busy with things that are very important and at the same time when I get struggled in them and can’t find solutions easily. I didn’t test any pills because they can be worse than the insomnia itself and I think it’s better to bear the troubles of insomnia than taking pills. To deal with it, I think the best way is to find the reasons of our worries and try to find the best solution and be hopeful that we can change the situation and reach the best result. By practicing the principles of positive thinking (that we’ve learned recently) we can get rid of insomnia.


Seems like you do not have enough time to do all . You need to priortize your work, what is important. Solutions can be found from people with experience in similar subject through discussions and questions (thats why I like/love this forum). 

Pills are the worst thing to try, you get addicted, can have side effects and you pay for it. The problem is in the mind, yes practice principals of positive thinking.

Both Fateme and Gilnar have valid points .

I think first thing is to try identify the cause of Insomnia.

What is the reason, is it fear, worry, money, love etc ...

To help overcome Insomnia, it is good to talk over the problem with some one you trust. This will make you relax and give some comfort. Also to try forget of problem it is good to exercise and breath deep ... cahnage your daily routine get up early, sleep early , be fresh , drink milk before sleep .. these will help change your condition and get better sleep ....

We always have to try get over Insomnia for improving our life.

Excellent tips!

By applying them to our life, I'm sure we can overcome this problem. I admit it's not easy, yet quite possible.

Teacher ... chemical or non-chemical method may have limited effect to Insomnia.

Isnt the mental condition of a person the main cause of Insomnia ? It is the need to change the mental condition by means of change in life and thought process that could help solve insomnia. The need to be open and to discuss the problem would also help, besides physical well being with lots of exercise and activities and good healthy food.


To what you said, I need to add something else, and that is a sense of productivity and usefulness.

When you feel that what you do is good and important to the people around you and to mankind, you reach gratification and satisfaction. As a result, it would be a lot easier for you to sleep and to get rest so that you could resume your productive life.

According to the video, what other specialist(s) in addition to neurologist can be helpful in treating the insomnia?


Dear fatemeh 2

I think Mr. Hariri answered your question before;

"The best remedy for insomnia is thought-control. If you happen to have a peaceful mind, you won't have problems falling asleep." Mr. Hariri said.

There is one special angle to dealing with the issue based on the video which is very similar to your answer. That is changing our habits and behaviors. We may know that in such a situation we should be optimistic and have positive mind and even we may try hard to control ourselves, but if we don’t change our behaviors and habits we won’t overcome the insomnia. If we have Habits like being too much dependent on others or being in rash and have hasty manners we can’t be certain to treat the insomnia. Even some times some simple changes such as changes in the decoration of our room, the problem may be solved. So we should have in our mind that maybe something should be changed or alternated.

People who have taken medication for special diseases, insomnia could be a side effect of that medication. Night owls who stay up late are in danger of insomnia. In addition to, some studies on twins show that genetics is effective in sleeping so maybe people inherit insomnia through their parents.
according to the video everyone could have experienced insomnia chronologically or temporary during the life.

Fatehme2 - What groups of people are more likely to get insomnia?

I dont think insomania is class specific , we can not have classification as to type of people.

It is a human condition which can result in any person at any time due to some mental reason, where a person can not bear the pain by him / herself that causes lack of sleep.

Also as Fateme said caused by side effect or genetic.


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