1A- Talking about Ineterest

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 A  I’m interested in fashion.

1 Vocabulary Interests

A Match the words and the pictures. Then listen and check your answers.

مد و فشن





a. art

b. fashion

c. language

d. literature

e. politics

f. pop culture

g. sports

h. technology

i. travel

Pair work Tell your partner about things in part A. which ones do you love? like? hate?

Language in context Find new friends

A Read the survey. Then complete the survey with your own information.


 Looking for new friends? Find someone with similar interest. 

What’s your name?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Are you single or married?

Are you interested in travel? Yes / No

Are you interested in sports? Yes / No

Are you interested in fashion? Yes / No

Who’s your favorite actor?

Who’s your favorite actress?

Who’s your favorite singer?

What’s your favorite TV show?

What’s your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite video game?

B Group work Compare your information. Who are you similar to? How?

“Ming and I are similar. Our favorite movie is…”

3 Grammar  Present of be 

Where are you from?

 I’m from South Korea.

How old is he?  

He’s 22 years old.

What are your friend’s names?

Their names are‌ Ming and Kathy.

Are you interested in travel?

Yes, I am.          No, I’m not.

Is he single?

Yes, he is.          No, he’s not. / No, he isn’t.

Are they married?

Yes, they are.    No, they’re not. / No, they aren’t

A Complete the conversations with the correct form of be. Then practice with a partner.

A: What   ’s   your name?

B: Diego.

A: Where _____ you from?

B: Mexico City.

A: _____  you single?

B: No, I_____  not. I             married.

A: _____ you interested in fashion?

B: Not really. I_____ interested in sports.


A: Where _____ your parents from?

B: My mother_____ from Osaka.

A: _____ your father from Osaka, too?

B: No, he_____. He_____  from Nagoya,

A: What          they interested in?

B: Art, languages, and literature.

A: _____ they interested in travel?

B: No, they_____..

B Read the answers. Write the possible questions. Then compare with a partner.




1.   What are you interested in?                   



I'm 20 yeaes old.


Jonny Depp.


No, I'm from Seoul.


Yes, I am.

C Pair work Ask and answer the questions in Part B. Answer with your own information.

4 Speaking What are you interested in?


Pair work Interview your partner. Take notes.

Who's your favorite writer?


Are you interested in literature?

What books are in your house?



What's a good cell phone?


Are you interested in technology?

How old is your cell phone?



What are you and your friends interested in?


Are you and your friends interested in similar things?

What are your friends interested in?



Pair work Tell another classmate about your partner’s answers.

“Elena is interested in literature. Her favorite writer is Jane Austen.”

 I can  ask and talk about interests.

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I’m interested in technology but I usually install the older version of software on my PC. :)

Perhaps I got used to working with the old version.