Inviting to Join an Activity

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A) Examples (Read, Discuss and Practice)

  • C'mon.
  • C'mon and join us.
  • You want to come along with us?
  • How about going with us?
  • You're invited to sing, too, if you want.
  • We'd really like for you to take part in our little show.
  • Would you like to join us?
  • Would you be interested in seeing it with us?
  • Would you care to join our little group?

B) Models (Read, Discuss and Perform the following model dialogues)

1. Two room-mates are talking as one is leaving the apartment.

  • RM1: I'll see you later, O.K.?
  • RM 2: Where're ya off to?
  • RM 1: Marty and Phil are going shopping ... to Northgate Mall, Oh, you want to come with us?
  • RM 2: Yeah... No, maybe not. I'd better finish working on this report for Econ. Class..


2. Two friends are talking at a party.

  • FI: This has been a pretty nice party, hasn't it.
  • F2: Yeah, it has been. Listen, a group of us are going out for a few more drinks afterwards. Would you be interested in going too?
  • FI: Yeah. That sounds good. Where are you going?

3. Two office-workers meet at the coffee machine during break-time.

  • OW1: Hey, Martha...
  • OW 2: Yeah?
  • OW 1: A group of us are going to go to the Music in the Park series this lunch time. How about coming with us?
  • OW: 2 That’s a great idea. I've been wanting to go to one . . .

C) Suggested Activities (Discuss and Perform)
How might the following situations be handled?

  1. You are leaving English class with some friends to go to a coffee shop. You meet an acquaintance coming from the other direction. He/she is alone.
  2. A college student is studying in the library with a friend. He wants to take a break and go for a walk. He invites his friend.
  3. You're at a party and you're going to go out dancing afterwards with some friends. You want to invite a person, whom you're very interested in, to go with you.