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  1. Do you think there is a truth behind superstitions like touch the wood, 13 is unlucky, black cats, etc? Do you know of any stories regarding these issues?
  2. What are some of the common superstations in your country?
  3. Is there any particular superstition in which you believe?
  4. Do you have a lucky number? How about a lucky day?
  5. What are the roots of superstations?
  6. Have you ever been in a cemetery at night? Why/ why not? Would you ever go?

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We all know that superstition aren't reliable, because they have usually aren't based on truths and facts or are a changed form of an reality that have no similarity to their origin now. A few years ago, I have read an article that was related to this subject. A question that may someone ask is that: “Why everyone who believes to superstition, usually remains on his beliefs and doesn’t leave them?”

Maybe the solution of this question has been behind of the results of that article. The article was upon the scientific experimental results. A team of researchers had been proof that there is a subcortical part in the human brain cortex that focus on happenings that confirm the person’s believe and record them and filter the contrasts. For example, if you believe 13 is your bad number, any happening that confirm it, will be record by that core, and also any happening that abolish it, will be neglect by the core. So you just see that your belief is confirming again and again and this amplify your belief. For this, that belief will be a personal experience!

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