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  1. How often do you think about your safety?
  2. Do you wear your seatbelt all the time? Is it for safety or because you're afraid of being fined by the police?
  3. Do you lock the door when you are inside the car?
  4. Do you lock the door when you're at home?
  5. How much do you care about your food safety? Do you eat in restaurants you're not sure about?
  6. Is it safe to go out late at night in your country?
  7. Is it safe to send your child to school alone?
  8. Where do people usually keep their valuable things like jewelry?

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Safety is nessesary for anyone to continue living.

Safety in mind is  more important for us to avoid action of stress on our bodies.


i don't think the topic was challenging enough . if the questions or the conversation get directed into problems we encounter daily in our society , more students take part in class . 

another point is that class is very crowded . 21 students is not siutable for a free discussion class . even in an actual class , inke dige majazie :D

i forgot . 

thank you any way , i know your doing the best of you . you'r so kind .

Hey Amjad and Homayoon

Thanks for your feedback. Dear Homayoon, as you know, all the participants do not actually speak. Do you suggest that we place limitations on the number of the participants? Why?

hello dear mr kianpour

yes you'r right , all the participants do not speak , but ,i think the population of class affects the teacher , and she(in this case) asumes that all students MIGHT speak ; it also affects us , becuase we shorten our speech so others might speak . all  this causes the conversation to be shorten and we cant go deep through our comment and expand it .

after all i think a limitation of 10 to 15 sudents would be better . this also causes the most willing students register for class and brings discipline .

thank you

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