Positive Thinking

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  1. Is positive thinking a strong belief in your life?
  2. What is the philosophy of positive thinking? How does positive thinking work?
  3. How can positive thinking help you in your personal life?
  4. Do you know anyone who practices positive thinking seriously? Do you find it encouraging or irritating?
  5. How can the power of positive thinking change your approach to problem solving?
  6. How can you apply positive thinking in practice?
  7. How can we say positive thinking from false hope and  self deception?
  8. Do you think positive thinking can help you to overcome all of your problems in life?
  9. Some scholars, including Dr. Martin Seligman, believe that sometimes you need to be rather pessimistic to become more action-oriented. How do you respond to this idea?
  10. Do you think that some people are more genetically positive than others? Let’s argue for and against this question.