Body Language

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  1. How do you use body language in your daily life?
  2. In what situations does body language help you communicate with others?
  3. How can eye contact change what you mean?
  4. How long is a normal eye contact?
  5. Do you use your hands a lot? Is it on purpose or not?
  6. What are some usual gestures you make with your hands?
  7. What gestures do you know that are different from your culture and English culture?
  8. Is body language different between boys and girls/men and women? Provide some examples?

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Emotions can also be detected through body postures. Research has shown that body postures are more accurately recognised when an emotion is compared with a different or neutral emotion. For example, a person feeling angry would portray dominance over the other, and his/her posture displays approach tendencies. Comparing this to a person feeling fearful: he/she would feel weak, submissive and his/her posture would display avoidance tendencies, the opposite of an angry person.

I found this discussion amazing. I myself have not much to say cause I don`t use them much. but I still think some of them are cute and sometimes usefull. thanks for questions and this lovely discussion which we had tonight. hooooorray

It was fun, I learn alot about body languages and maybe I'll use it in my life, I think always this can be pasetive for us

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