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Job Interview

  1. Have you ever had a job interview? How did it go?
  2. How do you dress for an interview (in your country)?
  3. What are the most common questions you are asked in an interview?
  4. Is it ok if you ask the interviewer questions? What questions do you usually ask?
  5. Do you try to find out some information about the organization before the interview? How can you get this information?
  6. Is it common for you to shake hand with the interviewer?
  7. Is it OK to discuss money matters at a job interview in your country?


  1. Do you believe in God? Is it a typical God or a personal one?
  2. Why do people need to believe in a God?
  3. How comes that in past there were many gods and goddesses and currently most religions believe in a single God?
  4. What is the main characteristic of the God YOU believe in?
  5. Have you ever questioned the wisdom or merit of God?
  6. Have you ever tried to change someone's idea about God? What was it like? Did you succeed?
  7. Do you think God has more feminine characteristics or masculine ones? Why?
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