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  1. Do you follow the news? How do you get the news?
  2. Are newspapers popular in your country? Do you trust them?
  3. Do you ever get online news? What are some of your trusted websites?
  4. Do you think the news is usually good or bad? Why?
  5. What kind of news are you most interested in?
  6. What were some of the important headlines in your local newspaper last week?
  7. What was the last piece of news you heard from someone?
  8. What's the most tragic news you have ever seen on TV?
  9. What's the best news you've ever heard, read or seen?

Online courses

  1. Have you ever done any online course? Were you successful at it?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an online course?
  3. Why has distant learning become so fashionable these days?
  4. Are the degrees and certificates that are offered by distant learning institutions as valid as the ones offered by common educational systems?

Social Networking

  1. What social networking sites have you ever joined? Which of them are you actively using?
  2. Do you agree that social networking sites are for people who are not good at meeting people face to face?
  3. Have you ever tried to find new friends on a social network?
  4. What various activities can you do on a social networking site?
  5. Do you think teenagers' activities on social networking sites should be supervised by parents? How? Why?
  6. How is your life different without social networks?
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