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  1. Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why? Why not?
  2. Do you have a family member or a close friend who is a vegetarian? How do you feel about it? Is it difficult to cook for them?
  3. What are some reasons that people choose to be vegetarian?
  4. Isn't being a vegetarian dangerous to your health?
  5. Why vegetarianism has become more fashionable these days? Isn't it just a fad?
  6. If you had to kill an animal by yourself to eat its meat, would you ever do it? Why? Why not?


  1. What's your favorite sport? Is it a team sport? What do you need to play it? Where can you play it?
  2. How often do you play your favorite sport? Do you ever watch it on TV/in stadium?
  3. What sports have you ever played? Which one did you enjoy most? Why? What did you like about it?
  4. Do you follow the sports news? Are you a fan of any teams?
  5. Do you prefer watching or playing sports? Which one do you do more often?
  6. How have sports changed in comparison with 25 years ago?
  7. What is the most dangerous sport?


  1. Did you like to become a police officer when you were a child? Why?
  2. Do you think being a police officer is a difficult job? Is it dangerous?
  3. Do you respect the police?
  4. Are you afraid of the police? Do you trust the police?
  5. How can the police help you?
  6. Have you ever called the police for help? What happened?
  7. Do you think the police in your country are corrupt?
  8. Are the police in your country really successful in protecting the society?


  1. What is stress? How often do you feel stressed?
  2. How do you physically feel when you are stressful?
  3. Do you think there is such a thing as good stress?
  4. What are some reasons that you feel stressed?
  5. Is modern life more stressful? Why?
  6. Is technology stressful?
  7. Can stress be dangerous? How?
  8. How do you behave when you are under stress?

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  1. What are some common crimes in your city/ society?
  2. Are some parts of your city/country more dangerous? Why?
  3. Have you ever been the victim of a crime?
  4. Do you think police fights effectively with criminals?
  5. Do you think police dramas are realistic?
  6. Are the punishments for crimes appropriate in your country? Is death sentence allowed in your country? Do you agree or disagree?
  7. Should punishment be the same for teenagers and adults? Why?
  8. Is there any connection between crime and drugs?
  9. Have you ever seen a crime?

Freedom of speech

  1. What is freedom of speech?
  2. Is complete freedom of speech possible? If it was, would it be desirable?
  3. Who should decide on the limits of freedom? How?
  4. Are you tolerant of hearing ideas which are against yours? What's your first reaction?
  5. To what extent are you free in your family to express your ideas?
  6. Are there things you would like to talk about that you cannot? What are they?
  7. Which country has more freedom of speech?
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