Agreeing, Disagreeing and Refusing

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Agreeing / Disagreeing / Refusing

A EXAMPLES (Read, Discuss and Practice)

Asking for Agreement

That's a nice looking boat, huh?
He's a lousy player, isn't he?
That's a fascinating painting, don't you think?
We'd better finish this today, don't you agree?
He's not to be trusted. Isn't that so?
Don't you agree that this plan is too risky?
Are you in agreement with us?
Do you agree to help us if we need help?
Would you go along with a 2% membership fees increase? Do we have a deal?


(Yes) I agree.
I totally agree.
I couldn’t agree more.
I agree with you 100 percent.
I know what you mean.
I see exactly what you mean.
I think so, too.
That's for sure.
That's so true.
That’s right.
You're (absolutely) right.
Right on.
O.K. with me.
Fine with me.
I agree to do so.
I'll go along with that.
It's a deal.
Tell me about it.
No doubt about it.
 That's exactly how I feel.
I was just going to say that.
Me too.


Disagreeing /Refusing

I don't agree.
I disagree.
I'm afraid I disagree.
I totally disagree. (strong)
I don't think so.
(No,) I'm not so sure.
I find I can't agree with you.
I can't agree to that.
I can't go along with you on that.
I refuse.
No way.
No deal.
That's not always true.
That's not always the case.


B MODELS (Read, Discuss and Perform the following model dialogues)

 1.   A group of business-men are discussing a decision.


BM1: Well, gentlemen, I think this is the best choice we have . . .

BM2: I agree. It seems a good choice.

BM3: Well, I'mnot so sure about it. There areafewthingslthink we've overlooked...


 2.  A club president is asking for the members' agreement to a plan.


CP: Well, everyone, do we all agree that the charity bazaar is our highest priority project this month?

M1: I think so.

M2: I agree.

CP: And do all of us agree to contribute one night a week to work on it?

M3: I agree to.

M2: Fine with me.

CP: How about you, Fred?

M4: I'm sorry, but I can't go along with you on that. I'm working two jobs now. . .


 3.  A lawyer and his client are talking about his divorce.


L: O.K., Jim. It seems as if your wife's going to ask for half of everything: half the property, half the investments, etc. Do you agree to that?

C: O.K. I agree.

L: And she wants custody of the children.

C: I'm not sure I agree. What visiting privileges do I get?

L: She said any time any week-end.

C: Well, I guess I'll go along with that.

L: And, lastly, she Wants the dogs.

C: What? No way! I refuse. That's where I'draw the line . . .

L: She says that the dogs belong with the kids . . .

C SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES (Discuss and Perform)

How might the following situations be handled?

1. You are talking with some friends about friendship. You want to see if other people agree with your views.

2. You and one of your fellow oft.ce workers are talking about working conditions. You disagree with some things he/she says.

3. A teen-age boy wants to use the family car. Heis asking his fatherfor permission. His father puts some conditions on using the car. The boy agrees to some, disagrees to others.

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